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We play games.

This channel is dedicated to video series created by Sarah Cornell. Videos feature gameplay from video games as well as vlog style videos. Support Sarah and her team by subscribing to ManiQuinn Gaming and pledge to her Patreon.

What We Do

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Mission statement coming soon.

The Team

RevSin Gaming

A prolific Rainbow 6 Siege streamer, RevSin Gaming often joins ManiQuinn Gaming and streams Dead by Daylight, Killing Floor 2, Overwatch and other multiplayer co-op games. Below is a link to his channel!

Eternal Creation

A gamer who is in it for the challenge, Eternal Creation plays games on the hardest difficulty. He joins ManiQuinn in her Dead by Daylight streams. Below is a link to his channel!

Contact Us

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash